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One of the striking thing you notice when you meet someone is their smile,however this smile is can be interfered by the brown teeth.For those who are not strong they would shy away from smiling or look down,while covering their smile.There are several factors that bring about discolourlations
  • smoking
  • ageing
  • chemical damage
  • hereditary factors
  • medication 
  • cola drinks 
  • medications
Smoking takes long about 2-3 months to whiten,some brown teeth are as a result of medical problem 

There are various solution for whitening teeth this is bleaching,however its can have side effect of teeth sensitivity.
Am going to focus on Herbal solution:


The aerial roots of banyan could even be utilized as disposable tooth brushes. The banyan roots have harsh properties that not just make the teeth whiter, however also make the teeth as well as gums healthier.
Ficus religiosa

 Holy Basil
Leaves of holy basil are dried out in sun plus powdered as well as utilized for brushing the teeth. Leaves assist in sustaining dental hygiene as well as make teeth whiter. Aside from whitening features, holy basil is even utilized for the protection from troubles like pyorrhea (that is bleeding of the gums).
Neem tree, or the Margosa, is a conventional therapy to have white and healthy teeth. The neem twigs are utilized by a number of Indians even nowadays as tooth brushes. Neem oils include astringent as well as antiseptic properties to battle bad breath, kill the microorganisms collected on the teeth as well as to fight dental caries in addition to cavities.

Dietary techniques for Whitening of the Teeth
To keep the teeth white and clean, pungent, bitter as well as astringent foods should be comprised in the every day diet. These tastes have an astringent outcome on teeth which assists to sustain them clean. They even take care of surplus increase of plaque on teeth that makes them drop their shining white color.
Sugary foods in any type are bad for teeth. Chocolates are even not good. If you eat such foods, you should keep in mind to wash your mouth methodically with strong gargles so as not to leave any sweet remains in mouth.
Practical Tip:
Avoid excess coffee and tea. These beverages include strong alkaloids that could stain the teeth. The similar is related to smoking. Almost each person who smokes would lose the white coloration of teeth. Chewing the betel leaf, as done in some Indian areas, is even terrible to whiteness of teeth. This practice could discolor the teeth cream or yellow or also an unclean shade of rust brown.

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